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The Union of Democratic States is built upon it’s community and that’s what matters the most. We have many facets of our community, such as our Government Sim, Roleplay, and other social aspects you can expect from any other community. Something that defines us is our history, so let’s explore that!

December 18th 2015

In December we were founded by a great community leader, Thatcher. The region grew under his guidance and leadership as a young teenager to the adult he is now!

Awlays welcomed

From the very start, we’ve had members of all ages join our community. We’re a friendly and welcoming community and yearly show our support as LGBTQ+ Ally.

International at heart

Our membership reins internationally. We always welcome anyone from around the world. It’s inevitable in an online world anyways!

wholesome members

Have we spoken about our membership enough yet? I think not! Our members are very wholesome, memery and extremely fun! We may be a bit more serious on the Gov Sim side of things, but in general, our memberbase is very wholesome and kind!